My Dream And Vision Became Reality!

God’s endless love and wisdom reach out to His people in different ways. God may appear to people from different religions and cultures in unique ways that will touch them deeply, move their hearts, and ultimately lead them toward God. He chooses at times to appear in dreams and visions, at other times through angels and His word. God puts dreams in our hearts and gives us faith to trust him enough to take Him at His word. We find ourselves taking a journey toward to the life that He has dreamed for us, the fulfillment of His purpose for our lives. This is how I came face to face with God through dreams and visions.

God is the reason I’m telling my story, He is the one who encourages me to write. He is the one who is writing with me. I am doing this as an act of obedience; to honor and glorify Him. I believe with confidence that God will use my story to reach and heal others.

After I offered my heart to God, I started having intense dreams and vivid visions. In one vision I was climbing and crawling up an incredibly high mountain. But before I tell you about climbing this mountain, I want to share one of the most important dreams of my life. This dream came to me many years ago, and changed my life forever. It was the beginning of my journey to the true light.

Dream of Light!

Prior to this dream that I’m about tell you, I was searching for purpose and meaning in my life. I needed to find the answers to the following questions:

* Why do I feel this emptiness inside with all the love that surrounds me?
* Why am I longing for unconditional love, which I can’t seem to find anywhere?
* Is there such a thing as an unconditional love? And if there is, would I be able to receive or give a love that is not self-seeking?

Let’s go back a few years. First year of College I met a beautiful, godly lady barbara Harper with silver hair shiny face and a big smile which brighten the room. She was about a 60 years old, who was a missionary, visiting students around the college campus. She was sitting a cross from me at the cafeteria table. We talked. I was surprised that she was so interested to get to know me. We became friends. In the second semester I was looking for a place to live near by school, she let me to live with her for free until I found a place. As I got to know her, she added another question to my list of my questions. Which was “WHO IS JESUS?” I guess She planted the first seed in my heart just by being her self and living for God. She never invited me to convert but definitely sowed the seed. The struggle of finding the truth and filling the hole in my heart continued.

When my first daughter was a year and half old, I had a dream that I gave birth to an eleven-year-old girl. She was beautiful with big, angelic greenish-bluish eyes. At first I took a step back in shock. Then very quickly I became excited. I said to her, “Let me show you the world”. But she said, “No Mommy, the place where I came from is much prettier than here. Jesus sent me to help you.” Then I woke up and thought to myself, “Wow!” That “Wow” soon led to fear. I began to wonder and worry what would happen to our daughter when she turned eleven.

The Heaven Was Quiet!

I didn’t yet know that the emptiness I felt within would someday be filled with a bigger power. I wondered, if Jesus sent a dream of an eleven-year-old girl to help me, why was He not helping me now? I wanted to know what I could do to change my way of thinking. I would wait another ten years before knowing the answer. The heaven was very quiet for awhile.
Life went on and we had a second daughter who was born with those angelic greenish-bluish eyes. I began to notice that God was not so quiet anymore. The struggle of finding the true light stirred within me.

We were one of those people who went to Church only on Easter and Christmas at our kids school ( private school ). Sometimes I over heard the Christian parents at school that God talks to them and they get goosebumps when they feel his presence.
At one of the Christmas service I started crying. Asking God, how come I don’t hear you? how come I don’t get the goosebumps that they do? Why don’t you come to my heart? Show me who you are! Life can’t be just all this. How come you don’t answer my prayers. That was it! I didn’t think that God would answer my bold prayer.

I shared some of my struggles with a couple of dear friends. I wanted to know why there is so much animosity, jealousy, anger, dishonesty, lust and fear in the world. One of these dear friends offered me a book called “The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?” by Rick Warren. She said she had just read it and thought it was a great book. So I borrowed the book and began to read. It wasn’t a self-help book. It was pointing to the light that I had been searching for. This book was saying exactly what I needed to hear.

In “The Purpose Driven Life”, Rick Warren said, “Focusing on ourselves will never reveal our life’s purpose. If you want to know why you were placed on this planet, you must begin with God.” So I started reading God’s word along with this book. It opened the eyes of my heart. Everything started making sense.

Stay tuned for the “moment of epiphany”, as the dream of eleven-year-old girl will be fulfilled.


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