Climbing The Mountain!

God calls His people to a higher place – to a place of rest. The vision of climbing to this place, this mountain was a journey that it was about to begin. The vision lasted for a few years. It kept coming and going at the same pace as my daily life. I was moving toward a life that God had planned for me. He was taking my history and making it a beautiful destiny.

I saw myself standing on an enormous land. This vision was a glimpse of what was going to happen in real life as I was standing in exactly such a place in my life. The land was filled with beauty and goodness. Unfortunately it was also covered with patches of dark clouds and balls of fire scattered around, symbolizing the great amount of pain, brokenness and sin in the world.

I didn’t want to stay there. It was an intoxicating and uncomfortable place.
John Stonestreet said; “When things start bothering you it’s a good thing. Because change will happen.” It was time for a change and time to move on; it was all God’s timing. To have a faith is to wait on God’s timing.
I had the love of God, my family and dear friends. But there was so much missing in the world around me. True joy and peace weren’t there. It seemed as if everyone was pretending that they were happy. My heart was aching to watch others in so much agony. I wondered why they couldn’t see the everlasting joy available to heal their wounds, to overcome their turmoil, and replace it with true love and peace. I was more aware of the distractions of the world by then, trying to keep myself and those that I care about away from them. It is very hard to hold back and watch the suffering of those who reject help. One must leave it in God’s hand.

In addition to my concern for others, memories of the past, what I had heard and seen about the lives those around me were eating me up with the inside. When someone hurts us by their words or deeds, it bruises our spirit deeply sometimes.  This kind of bruise bleeds from the inside.  We try to hide our emotions and wounds and cover them with smile, or for some of us with food, busyness, jobs or other addictions.  But nothing is hidden from the love of God. Because “GOD IS LOVE!” He knows our wounds and how our bruises feel. He sees our hearts and our tears.

So why wouldn’t I take this journey up to the top. His word promised that His love will heal my bruises layer by layer and He wipes away every tears from my eyes.

( Revelation 21:4 )
“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the former things have passed away.”

Remember I haven’t started climbing this huge mountain yet, I was still standing at the bottom of the mountain in my vision. Please be patient and stay with me. This particular vision was a long journey. You will get to see how I climbed this enormous height. Life is like a climb, but once we get to the top, we will have a different perspective with a beautiful view.

Come along with me to see when I was “Looking at the light, then I found love”.

See you next time!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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