The Hand Of Grace!

The hand of grace didn’t let go of my hand. The divine light kept guiding me as I climbed the mountain. The higher I climbed in my vision, the more spectacular the view became in real life. My perspective in life changed. I was learning to look at everything and everyone through His eyes, not mine. Hope started taking root, becoming the stronghold of my life, keeping me going. I became more hopeful as I saw the work of God’s hand in my life.


It’s always about God’s timing. When, where, how and who He will reach. Now I know, even in the dark moments of fear and pain, I am loved by God. I thank and praise Him for coming into my life. I thank Him for salvation and redemption. God chooses broken, weak and ordinary people to shame the strong, arrogant and haughty. God is attracted to the weak ones. He is attracted to those who are searching for Him and seeking His heart.

(Psalm 105:4) ” Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.”
The Lord is all I have and I will always gaze in His direction for guidance.

As I rested in the Lord’s sovereignty, His Light grew brighter and brighter within me. The emptiness I once felt was now filled with His presence. Things which were once significant, lost their grip on me. I really began to understand the good news of God’s grace.

Grace is one of God’s character traits. What grace means is that God loves us, forgives us and blesses our lives, even though we don’t deserve any of it. By His grace, God gave us the gift of salvation. This gift came at a high price, the precious blood of Christ. But grace costs us nothing. So as you and I come before God and accept Christ’s death for our sins, and believe in His resurrection and eventual return, we will have a life of peace, joy, and eternal prosperity. And no one in the world will be able to separate us from the hands of grace.

There were days that I couldn’t get myself out of bad because of physical pain. I also felt pain and disappointment caused by circumstances, some affecting me and others that I brought upon myself. God reminded me of the hope and rest that is available to me through His hands of grace. In spite of not understanding why sometimes bad things happen to good people are the perfect moments to put my trust in the Lord, my savior Jesus Christ. I thank Him for being so gracious to me during hard times. When I turn to Him for understanding, He enlightens the eyes of my heart to see things clearly.

God was training me to find Him in each moment. Each step that I took toward the Light connected me to the channel of his loving presence. Sometimes his blessings came to me in mysterious ways – through physical and emotional pain, or relational conflicts. All of this was telling me to trust His goodness. My experience, visions and His word were teaching me about His mercy and grace.

Knowing God and dwelling day and night in His presence doesn’t mean one will have a trouble-free life. Adversity is part of life. But the good news is; the Lord is sovereign and full of grace. He will take the hands of those who know Him step by step through the rough times.
(2 Corinthians 13:14)
” Praise God from whom all blessings flow.”

Since I am saved by God’s grace and He gives me victory over sin, I don’t need to run from pain, hide from problems, or blame them on others. I can accept them in His name, lay them at the foot of the cross, and watch how God uses them for his purpose. I know now that Christ Jesus is the expression of God’s grace.

(Psalm 25:6-7)
Remember, O Lord, your great mercy and love, for they are from of old. Remember not the sins of my youth and my rebellious ways, according to your love remember me for you are good, O Lord.”

This is my prayer for you, dear reader:
“May the hands of grace lead and guide you all the days of your life. May He open the eyes of your soul, that you may see good in all things. May peace, joy, love and truth always follow you through eternity.” Amen!

Please be on the look out in the near future as I will tell you how this “Miraculous Journey Linked to the Miracle Itself”. When I reached to the top of the mountain, I found…….

It Sounded Like Home, But….

Where do you call home?  Is it a place with four walls and a roof?  Do you think home is where you have all your belongings?  Or do you think of home as just a place – whether it’s a small shack or a mansion?


The word “home” reminds me my college life. In the first year of college I didn’t have a steady place to live. I couldn’t live at home because I didn’t have a car and the commute was long. So I had to take turns staying with couple of my friends. Every time I heard my class mates at the end of the day saying, “I’m ready to go home”, the sound of the word “home” sounded so sweet to my ears. I wished that I could call a place my home, where I could be free emotionally and physically with my own bed and my own room. A place where I could watch “I Love Lucy” late at night, or maybe invite my friends to come over sometimes. I knew little about my real home in those days.

Home is the arms of love – an unchangeable love (unlike the sand on the shore tossing high and low). Home is the warm hug of those who hold you tight and still love you with all your brokenness. Home is where you hear the laughter and the giggles of your children late at night. Home is the prayers of those who lift you up with both hands toward Heaven. Home is the tears that long for your well-being. Home is the language of those who speak the language of your heart. Home is reliable, a place where patience prevails, judgement is not passed, and you can just be yourself. Home is a place of refuge. Home is a place where you find forgiveness and acceptance. Home is a place of rest for your soul, it’s a place of hope and endless joy. Home, sweet home.

Where do you call your home?  Write your comments below.

No One likes Change!

Who are we kidding? No one likes change. Whether we like it or not, God is in charge of the whole universe. He has a perfect plan for each one of us. Why are we kicking our feet like a stubborn and rebellious little child wanting badly the thing which God knows will be harmful to us? If we take a look at our lives, there are things we dream of doing someday, and there are others we wish we’d never done; things we’d rather forget. We don’t have the power to change ourselves. Many of us try, using our own power, but never succeed. We’re stuck, immobilized in one or more areas of our lives.


I don’t believe that positive thinking, a new dress, a new suit, new friends, or cheap and phony thrills which give us a temporary kick will help. These “fixes” don’t last long, and lead to despair. The good news God prepared a way for us, not to condemn, but to redeem us and make all things new.

This verse (Jeremiah 29:11) is my oldest daughter’s favorite verse:
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

The changes that are happening or about to happen in my life all have something to do with God’s purpose. He is not as concerned about my comfort as He is in my spiritual growth and character development.

Why do I fight it? Before, when I belonged to the world, it wasn’t that easy to change. I was accustomed to being the god of my old life, with my own rules and fantasies. With that kind of empty and shallow mentality, I was quickly going nowhere. Now that I belong to God, the reality of His presence forever with me outshines any fantasy I could ever imagine.

Why can’t we just obey His will and follow His lead, being ready to surrender to Him whatever He asks of us? After all, He is the one who gives and He can take it all back in a moment, right? What is the fuss?

God said; (Psalm 46:10)
Be still and know that I am your God……” We need to be obedient to His command.

Obedience, however, is easier said than done. For some of us, taking a giant step of faith and obedience is simple, because our past hurdles have made us stronger. For others, a small step of faith might be very hard. We can’t compare our giant steps with their baby steps. We need to be compassionate toward them. If they don’t understand the help that we offer to them lovingly, then we might want to paint a picture of their reality on a bigger canvas for them to wake them up. Showing them how to let go of the things that are hurting them and holding them back. It must be done kindly with some words of wisdom. They may not like it at that very moment, but believe me, I say this from personal experience.  They will thank you later on.  The first step is the most important step toward changes. If a step leads to a life pleasing to God, it must be done.

As God was revealing all this to me, not only to help me, but I may help others around me what I have learned. He was getting me ready to let go of things that were a stumbling block and causing me not to move forward. I will never let go of the hand of grace. I am thankful that I knocked at His door repeatedly, asking bold questions and seeking the truth, instead of knocking on the door of my past life, where there were no answers, only self-condemnation and despair. Thank God for what He has said in the verse below:

(Isaiah 43:19)
“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

Change has to be done from the depths of our soul. I am proud of the changes I made. God has everything to do with that. 

What are the changes that you are needing to make? A life of integrity, harmony, purity, peace, and joy is yours, if only you will move closer to God. What area of your life needs to change in order for you to be a godly man/godly woman?

God has done His job, He has sent His Word [Christ Jesus] to give us a full life through His Holy Spirit. If you’re looking for evidence, open the Bible and you will see the answers to all your questions. Or, if you prefer, the answers to your questions are right at the tips of your fingers. Google! God bless!