It Sounded Like Home, But….

Where do you call home?  Is it a place with four walls and a roof?  Do you think home is where you have all your belongings?  Or do you think of home as just a place – whether it’s a small shack or a mansion?


The word “home” reminds me my college life. In the first year of college I didn’t have a steady place to live. I couldn’t live at home because I didn’t have a car and the commute was long. So I had to take turns staying with couple of my friends. Every time I heard my class mates at the end of the day saying, “I’m ready to go home”, the sound of the word “home” sounded so sweet to my ears. I wished that I could call a place my home, where I could be free emotionally and physically with my own bed and my own room. A place where I could watch “I Love Lucy” late at night, or maybe invite my friends to come over sometimes. I knew little about my real home in those days.

Home is the arms of love – an unchangeable love (unlike the sand on the shore tossing high and low). Home is the warm hug of those who hold you tight and still love you with all your brokenness. Home is where you hear the laughter and the giggles of your children late at night. Home is the prayers of those who lift you up with both hands toward Heaven. Home is the tears that long for your well-being. Home is the language of those who speak the language of your heart. Home is reliable, a place where patience prevails, judgement is not passed, and you can just be yourself. Home is a place of refuge. Home is a place where you find forgiveness and acceptance. Home is a place of rest for your soul, it’s a place of hope and endless joy. Home, sweet home.

Where do you call your home?  Write your comments below.

One thought on “It Sounded Like Home, But….

  1. Irene Anderson

    This is an awesome post! My home sweet home is where my mind takes me when im focused on God & enter into that smazing peace, feeling safe & being in a tranquil state. Home is where you feel God’s presence, His touch, His embrace, His voice letting you know Hes with you, He will never leave you & everything is going to be ok. Home is in that personal relationship with Christ & the feeling you get when you call upon His name. Theres something about that name JESUS! Home is when you reach out to others to help, comfort or pray for them & you know its pleasing God to do so all in His name. Home is ” as for me & my house, we will serve the Lord”. Thank you Parveen for your awesome post! Luv ya & God Bless. Irene

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