The Little White House On The Top Of The Mountain Was….

Seeing events in dreams and visions before they happen is a blessing. At times, however, it can be horrifying. I don’t mind having pleasant dreams, those which foretell of good things coming my way. But seeing struggles (conflicts, sickness, financial difficulties, job, or even the death of loved ones), is frightening. I cannot tell you why I have these dreams and visions, but I do experience them. I have asked God, “Why me?!”


From reading His word, I could only conclude that I should count it as a blessing. He is preparing my heart for what is ahead on the road and teaching me to trust Him.

In this vision that I’m going to tell you about, God revealed great things to me, things that I had never seen before. I consider it an honor to have seen them.

Heaven was calling me! Finally I saw myself reaching the top of the mountain in my vision.
After learning many lessons on a long, hard journey, I arrived at the place where destiny called me. Sometimes I climbed and at other times I crawled. Life is a hike, and whether we crawl or climb, we’ll get there either way. I saw myself in the vision as I got closer to the top of the high mountain, I pulled myself up from a crawling position and stood up. I asked myself, “Am I there yet? No, not yet!” But I could see the top of the mountain clearly now – especially the little white house. It wasn’t as small as it appeared from the bottom of the mountain. I was exhausted from the long journey, not only from the relational, spiritual, and physical trials, but also from carrying everyone else’s problems on my shoulders. I was sinking under the weight of the heavy burdens.

The Lord was calling me:
“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
(Matthew 11:28 )

Ahhhhh! Now I recognized the little white house. So beautiful!!! It was a small, humble and very bright Church. I was getting closer and closer, higher and higher. The reason it was so bright, was because there was One who was dressed in pure white standing to the left of the door. He was glowing from head to toe, like a bright light. There was so much light beaming from Him that I couldn’t see His face. Such a marvelous sight! The air was fresh and filled with perfume. The trees, the ground, and the rocks were all glittering, shining from the reflection of His light. No questions needed to be asked. I knew who was standing there. My savior, my rock, my refuge, my stronghold, and my fortress! The Lord Jesus Christ!

By now you might wonder, “Why was He standing at the left side of the Church?” I wondered too. I asked myself, “Why was I standing at the right side of Church?” I checked the Bible afterward and read the following:
“The Lord stands at your right hand to protect you. …..” ( Psalm 110:5 )

I was crying with joy and trembling. I dropped back to the ground on my knees and bowed down. I was in total awe, praising and thanking Him for my deliverance!!! My soul was singing these words of praise:
O Lord, O my redeemer, my refugee. No wonder they call you the savior. You are so precious! You’re the anchor of my soul, my world, my everything, my sweet, sweet Jesus! I was blind before and now I can see you, my Lord!

I lifted my head up, and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that the door of the Church was wide open. Peering in, I could see there were two long benches on each side, with a narrow aisle between them. I didn’t have the urge to go inside the Church. I had no need to enter, as all I could ask for was right before me. I was right at home in the presence of my Lord. I said to myself, “Finally, after so many struggles, I have arrived at my real home.”

“I called out to the Lord, He answered me from His Holy mountain.” (Psalm 3:4)

I laid down the heavy load of worry, pain, problems, accusations, blame and relational conflicts at the steps of the Church, Immediately I felt light-weight, as if I was floating on air. Trivial things, like whether someone was behind me or ahead of me on this journey, no longer mattered. I was no longer concerned what others thought of me, or if they judged me. It didn’t even matter if someone throw a stone at me to hurt me, because I knew with confidence that the Lord my savior would not allow them to bruise my soul. My soul was completely drenched in His Holy Spirit. I had reached the very place that I was called to. I pulled myself upright again and reached out with my right hand, drawing nearer to the Lord’s feet. I whispered in my heart, asking Him, “Who am I to You? “ I didn’t expect Him to answer my silly question. I don’t know why I asked such thing. I could have asked so many other things at such a time. But He answered me right away. I heard Him in my heart. He said, “You are anointed”. Wow! I am a blessed child of God! I laid there on my right side for a long time and He quieted my soul with His love. I thought to myself, “Finally I have arrived at a place of rest.” I didn’t want to be anywhere else except there with my Lord.

“The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.”
( Zephaniah 3:17 )

He gave me a new life; how could I ever want anything else? I knew that nothing else could ever quench my thirst. Only his living water would satisfy me. I was kneeling, my face bowed down before the glory of God. I could hear the voices of birds and humans singing, “Praise His name, Praise His name”. Jesus is the light of God’s glory and exact representation of His being. He makes us right with God, our Heavenly Father.

Before I say goodbye to you for now, don’t forget this one thing! You are very precious to God, you are His anointed one. You’re loved by the creator of this world! Open the Bible, and you will see it for yourself. God will reveal himself to you. Ask and you shall receive.

Stay tuned, as there is more to come!  The dream continues.

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