When I was at the end of my tears

You heard me and

Called me by my name

I witnessed your wonders

You pulled me out of

The miry pit

And clothed me with


You lifted the blindfold

From my eyes

Enabled me to see

What you see

You gave me a new life

‘Cause Miracles are what

you do

You tore down

The city-walls of my soul

You built your empire

In the center of it

Filled it with your

Precious jewels; your Word

You refreshed my cold soul

You made me bold

With strength

Your love gave me

A second chance of life

‘Cause Miracles are what you do

Now in my silence

Your voice is

The only thing I hear

No wonder why

My soul longs for silence

For it’s a miracle itself

Praising your name is

My greatest joy

My desire is singing

To your wonders

For you’ve given me

A new love song to sing

I’ve witnessed your wonders

You gave me a reason

To start again

Your immeasurable love in action

‘Cause Miracles are what you do

— Parveen Michalow




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