The Wounded Daughter!

She tried to hide her

bleeding wounds

Yet, her vulnerability was clear

She was done with “so called love”

She was in search of an ointment

To heal her raw wounds

She walked through clouds of tears

She stopped for a final shout

Her wish was to find

A love potion

To cure the pain inflicted by others

Then, the heaven gave her You

O You, the one who came from God,

Were the antidote to her bruised soul

On the empty pages of her soul

You wrote your love melody

O You, who are the healer of all

To you she was a precious,

Fragile child

Who was in need of your healing touch

You rubbed her wounds

With the balm of love

You collected all her tears

And became her mighty rock

O You, you’re her new name

The heavens gave her, You

The storms are no longer

Against her

For you’ll never leave her side

O You, you’re above all healers

You set her free from all evil.

You’re the new face of love

You’re a gift from God

O You, you’re her new name

She is healed by your wounds

Your last breath saved her soul

~ Parveen Michalow


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