The Book That Can Breathe Life!

Being around people from different cultures, religions, and also with people who have no faith, encouraged me to learn about the lives of others and their beliefs. Surprisingly, I came to a place where I was able to test my own beliefs with lucid minds of all faiths.  Many questions came to me as I looked at the myriad of beliefs and ideas. 


I wanted to understand humans and life. But I was stunned by finding hidden questions within my own questions, such as “Who am I?” 

Growth comes from a willingness to change your ways and climb to higher plateaus of knowledge. The answers to some of my biggest questions have been delivered to me through knowledgeable, wise friends and leaders. 

But I still am searching daily for more knowledge about the mystery of life. 

I’m an emotional person, but I have learned if I want to understand life in its depth, I must not tap into my emotions and feelings, but rather examine the words of wisdom. The wise friends and leaders provided me with important insights for which I am deeply grateful. They made it clear that the only way to gain wisdom and understand life is to read a “meaningful book” that’s relevant to our lives.

A Book that can breathe life. A Book in which the Author is immensely in love with the reader. This divine Book is the Bible. This Book is not only fulfilling in every aspect of life, but also unveils the mystery of human life. It is abundant with stories of mankind, both good and bad and with valuable lessons to learn. Even though the bible was written two thousand years ago, our lives can still powerfully relate to the lives of the people in it. The bible tells us about God’s divinity, sovereignty, love, faithfulness, provision, mercy, grace, hope, faith, and tells of the vastness of His forgiveness. He has revealed His love and power to the people of Bible and He does the same for you and me.

Says the Lord in [John 16:7]

“If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.”  The Bible tells us that God’s mercy is greater than our past, present and future sin. 

So, my friend, once you read this divine Book, you will never go hungry or thirsty. The craving and the lust for worldly bliss will gradually diminish. Your life will change miraculously. It may be a long haul but you will be free at last.  As you grow in faith and Bible inspired wisdom, you will know that you are taking part in His divinity.

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