The Song of Pain!

I said,

I’m the one

Who wrote the song of pain

I’m the painter of 

Many shades of heartache 

O, how I wish

They could see 


But you can see

You can hear

My silent tears hold 

The loudest pain

O, I beseech you

Breathe life into my lungs 

If not, I won’t last 


You said,

O, You said,

“I wrote the song of love

I know how it ends

I’m the painter of the universe 

I’m the life, and the light, 

And the way, 

And ‘I AM’ with you”


Then Your light broke

Through my darkest nights

Through the layers of different 

Shades of pain 

It delivered the truth 

You broke down gates of bronze

And cut through bars of iron

You moved the mountains

You spilt the sea of my agony 

So that I could walk through 



My life is a love song

Cuz’ of you


O, how I love when your 

Peace surrounds me

O, how much joy 

Brings me to know 

That I’m loved by You

The heartaches are diminished

My songs are harmonized

With praise, love and hope

— Your child,

Parveen H. M



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