A Definite Path!

Help me, help me

Don’t leave me here 

Don’t let me kiss the lips of death

Revive me

My eyes are clouded 

By the mist of piercing tears

Come quickly 

Before my sigh (ahhhh)

burns the sky

And my tears dry out

Don’t let this bruised soul 

Lose strength as I 

Balance on wobbly legs

Come at once 

You and I must reach tomorrow 

We must get to the living water

My heart desires 

The streams of Your definite path 

But my eyes are locked in 

Like a prisoner’s

We must leave

To get to the river

The river which runs to ocean currents 

And leads to Your living water

For it’s the only thing can quench my parched heart

Help me, help me

It’s time to leave

For I know

Leaving leads to an arrival 

I must refresh myself

The fools must know 

Reaching to the definite path 

Isn’t an aimless act 

This is called LOVE

Let the roar of my love

Burns the ears of folly

Let the rumors of 

My love do its work

And let our arrival be 

A lesson to quench

Someone else’s thirst

— Parveen H. Michalow 4A064FCA-409D-4CAA-A8A1-3468116214F9

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