I had a Vision – Someone was Dancing in Heaven!

A question kept prodding my innermost being, “Why are you downcast, O my soul?”

The spirit was heavy within my soul for several days. I didn’t understand the cause of this uncertainty or why my soul felt disturbed for days. I kept searching for answers with the feeling I was being prepared for something. But what was it that I was being prepared for?  I did not know life would soon change for my family and me. But I had a feeling of impending events, a rush to get ready for what was to happen.

On that Friday morning during my quiet time with God, as I continued reading His word and meditating, I was urged by the Holy Spirit to pray as hard as I could. Again, the question was: pray for what? Other than my usual prayers: thanking and praising God, prayers for protection and the well-being of everyone, and for His blessings over our lives, what else could there be to pray for? 

Before long, I was to be led into the light. 

I was walking along the beach when suddenly waves of emotion awakened my somber spirit and elevated my soul to higher places. It was as if the cool ocean breeze had a secret to tell me. 

Never had I felt something like it before! I was astonished and amazed, as a vision of someone dancing in Heaven was revealed to me.  Along with the dancing, there were shouts of praise. It felt as if I was alone at the long stretch of open beach, witnessing the glory of heaven. 

The emotions were so real that I felt I heard the sound of heaven as it touched the earth; the sands beneath my feet, and the rays of the light on a beautiful clear day, and the twinkle of the sunlight over the waves, and every cell of my flesh was harmonizing the song of praise with the choirs of heavenly angels.

Was I oblivious to the fact that the divine forces were sending me a message; providing me a glimpse of eternity? The gift of the vision filled me with an overwhelming sense of glee. Was my acceptance of the gift of that blissful day nothing more than my enjoyment of the beauty of God’s creations? 

In my limited understanding, I accepted the magical walk on the beach with joy as a bestowing of God’s favor. I hadn’t an inkling of what had happened in those very moments beyond my immediate surroundings. Tragically, in the blink of an eye, everything changed. I would soon find out that this “someone” heaven was rejoicing over was one of my beloved ones.  A young man, dearly close to many hearts, including mine, had just passed away. No wonder there was a celebration in Heaven, he had just entered the gate of Paradise. He was the one who was dancing in Heaven. Yes, heaven gained one more angel whose life was cut down at the peak of vitality. Assuredly, it was not a celebratory day for us. How could this have happened? We were in a place of deep mourning.

Death brings great pain; no words could ease what we felt for the loss of our young one, who was so precious and loved. His faith was larger than life, speaking volumes about the absolute love of God. His death doesn’t make any sense, but his bold message of love and kindness left an enormous impression on those of us who love him. I intend to keep his wishes and dreams vigorously alive.  If he was worth loving, his hopes and dreams are worth passing on.

Now I see how our faithful, sovereign God was preparing me ahead of time for the incomprehensible death of a precious person in our lives. The gift of this preparation was not only for me, so I could hold on to the truth of knowing that he was happy, dancing in Heaven. The vision has allowed me to convey the message of this dear young man’s new reality in the heavenly realm to the rest of the family. 

RIP our beloved! 

Hope you’re filled with love and peace

Hope you’re dancing in Heaven without ceasing

Send us a sign that you’re at peace and more alive

I want you to know, your love story will always and forever abide in our stories. And your candle is always burning as a reminder of your sweet memory.

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