Part two of “Why Do You Keep Going Back to Yesterday’s Pain?”

We all face difficulties in our lives from time to time. Life doesn’t always go as smoothly as we wish. The key to withstand the hard times in our lives is simple but not easy: we must go through it, realizing the process will take time. God allows these times of self-reflection to make us realize that He is the one who is in control, and to make us aware of how much we need His light to direct us. Most importantly, God wants us to learn from the experience and move forward.

Individuals from the very beginning of creation, our ancient heroes of the faith, not only lived righteous lives, but also moved and carried on with a steady eye on the future. What made their faith unflinching was not just the promise of salvation or eternal life, but also a steadfast hope in a better tomorrow.

David the prophet was one of these heroes, a warrior and king with a zeal for God’s glory and His kingdom. Even as a righteous man of God, he went through many battles in his life. His cry echoes in his words in psalms. “Show me Your ways, O Lord; teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation …” (Psalm 25:4).

Though David faced many hardships throughout his life, God used him mightily as a prophet. The lessons we can learn from David’s earnest plea for guidance is this: Cry out to God when facing trials of any kind, placing our troubles in the hands of the One who holds the future in His hands.

My friend, if your yesterday is weighing you down, put it down at the foot of the Cross [at the door of your faith]!

I pray that when you face unfortunate circumstances, you do not lose your focus on God; that under pressure, prayer would be the first thing to come from your lips; and that your words and actions would be directed by God. In His precious, mighty name, Amen!

Why Do You Keep Going Back to Yesterday’s Pain?

Yesterday has left, but you are the one who is still holding on. That boat has already sailed with people and things that you once thought in your way, interfering with your life.

Can’t you see? They’re no longer there. If you want to be free, leave your past in the past, keeping the lessons taught to you. Nothing that has happened in your past can stop you from planning a magical future.

A wise man once said, “Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on”.

Those who faithfully understand that God has their best interest at heart will turn to Him in time of trouble. When pressure comes and life squeezes them, prayers will come out of their mouths. Those who are not willing to release the past indulge themselves in self-pity, anger and bitterness. They are unable to see God at work in the circumstances of their lives. Their response is different—they keep going to their “yesterday’s pain”, rather than moving forward.

Holding onto previous pain results in unpleasant words and actions, causing even more pain for the injured person and others around them. Sadly, they end up damaging their character, relationships, and destroying their future. Sometimes they may not show an outward reaction or response, yet their silence shows that they haven’t let go of resentments and past pains.

As I learn to walk easily through the door of my faith, I am able to move through pain with my head bowed down in prayer, letting God’s favor [His word] surround me, guiding me along the path of His grace. Some days are much harder than others; I may be too tired physically, mentally and emotionally to deal with my or anyone else’s problems. In the past, I might have looked for a trouble-free life. But now as I drew closer to the truth, I realize God uses our life’s setbacks, trials, and conflicts to help us grow into the people He created us to be.

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