You Asked,

“Why am I Standing Alone in the Desert? How did I Get Here? And Why me?”

In verse [Hosea 2:14] “her” does not specifically refer to “a woman”, but rather to all peoples, to a nation, or perhaps; you, me, or them…

It says, “Therefore, behold, I will allure her and lead her to the wilderness, and speak to her tenderly.” [Hosea 2: 14]

What would you do, if one day you wake up and feel like you are all alone standing in a desert? You wonder, “How did I get here?”.  Another daunting question arises; “Why me?”

What and who caused you to find yourself in a lonely land, tasting the bitterness of loss and sorrow? These questions will continue nibbling away at your soul, unless you stop and refocus.

Have you considered that perhaps you are the cause of your unhappiness and loneliness?

Conflicts, aggravations, and losses can cause devastation and can be debilitating. So where do you go from there? Do you choose to stay with bitterness and anger, becoming isolated and unhappy?  Or do you draw closer to God, looking to Him for direction? With Him you can begin to leave the desert of unhappiness, and seek a lush landscape of peace and contentment. With His help and guidance, you can build a platform in this new place, where your pain can bring others hope.

If you believe in God, then you know that God never wastes any of your pain. He will use your hurt for good in your life, so that you can live joyfully and help others. God didn’t create us just to live for ourselves. The very thing that you’re ashamed of, and resent the most, can become your greatest ministry in helping others. God did it for me and He will do it for you too. Gird your waist with truth and get [Ephesians 6:15]  your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the Good News of peace. And bring all you have—the good and the bad—to the platform where your life’s journey has brought you.  Then watch how God will use your devastation for His purpose.

[Hosea 2:14] tells of God’s love story for His people. His love is steadfast and His commitment unbroken.

When we lose appreciation for our special relationship with Him, when we compromise our lifestyle and adopt the ways of the world—pursuing dreams and goals that do not include Him, we are being unfaithful. 

Like a loving and patient father, God wants people to know Him and turn to Him daily.  

Briefly, I assure you that I have traveled through the desert of life a few times. The good news is I wasn’t alone—the Lord tenderly spoke to me in that parched land. As it is written in His word, each time, He taught me a new lesson. 

What I have learned from these lessons is this: Pain and suffering, placed in the hands of a loving God, can lead to a shift of focus from my own issues to God’s greater glory. My hardships can teach me to trust His promises, and remind me that life on earth is a struggle. They cause me to long for a place where there is no conflict, sorrow, death, crying, or pain. It’s a life in eternity.

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