Can You Find “Mount Sinai” in Your Desert of Life?

I recently completed a study written by Priscilla Shirer on the Old Testament Prophet Elijah [Elías/ Ilyās], and I must tell you how Elijah’s narrative and his bold prayers have moved me to the core of my being. I found it so relevant to our modern lives. I would like to share with you what I experienced during this study.

I thought everything in my life was set in order, yet I was unconsciously placing unreasonable expectations upon myself which derailed my emotional stability. I was beating myself up with self- condemnation, disappointment, and regret about my failure to achieve something that GOD NEVER EVEN EXPECTED OF ME.

In that critical moment—when I was most depleted, vulnerable, fatigue, depressed, exhausted, and disappointed, I called out to the Lord, “I have had enough, Lord”.

I was basically giving up. I wanted to stay silent and isolated in my own desert. Then God stepped in and spoke to me. What a moment that was!

It always happens unexpectedly!

I don’t often hear the Lord speaking to me, but when He does, I know with all my heart that it’s Him. Part of the study made references to the verses [Mark 14:3-9]; where Mary of Bethany, Lazarus’s sister took an expensive perfume and, as an act of worship and adoration poured it over Jesus. As it dripped down over His feet, she wiped his feet with her hair. I felt as if I was there, looking at this beautiful scene and marveling.

I found myself on “Mount Sinai” in my own desert, hearing the Lord, my Yahweh, whispering to me…

While I finished reading Mary’s story, I heard the Lord’s whisper in my heart. This is what He said, “Whenever you speak of Me to others, it is as though you are pouring an expensive perfume over Me.” I am unable to describe the extent to which I was overwhelmed by His love at that moment on a Sunday morning. I was in tears and full of admiration.

He  didn’t  rebuke  me,  nor  did  He  ignore  or  discard  me.  Instead,  He  refreshed  me  by  guiding  me  with  loving  steps  toward  the  LIGHT.

It’s a great reminder to me that God is always here—ready and waiting for us—even when circumstances have redirected us or we have foolishly run into a wilderness of our own making.

He simply requested of me not to isolate myself. My greatest gesture of devotion, and my sacrifice—my expensive perfume [Nard] is to tell others about the goodness of God and share His love and His glory.

My Yahweh gave me a sense of freedom regarding my own limitations and humanity.

I’ve realized that God is not mad at me because my body is tired or my mind is frayed or my soul is unusually heavy—not after what I’ve been through, or the difficulties I’ve endured, or when I’m emotionally running on empty.

Moreover, He is not agitated by the limitations of my flesh. Instead, He patiently stands ready to lift me up and teach me the next lesson in life. He nourishes me as I recover from the distress and tension that may be an ongoing part of my daily life.

Now I take a moment to breathe deeply. I’m enjoying the grace and heartfelt affection of my Heavenly Father, who sees all and knows all. Our Yahweh makes sure that even a trip through the wilderness will not be in vain.

So, look for the “Mount Sinai” in your own desert, where God wants to speak to you and refresh your tired soul.